CDG offers a full line of services related to program and course design; if your faculty members can dream it and if your students can learn from it, CDG can work with you and your institution to design and build it.

Our service catalog is centered on program development; when we bring an entire program online, faculty members can engage in deep collaboration with each other and with CDG, and alignment and flow between individual courses can translate directly into learner, instructor, and institution success.  It also allows us to more deeply integrate our own course design model, a backward design approach that focuses on student outcomes at the program level.

We understand that higher education is very different from business training and requires a very different approach. Faculty are more than just subject-matter experts. They are experienced instructors, with their own understanding of approaches to teaching that work within their discipline.

CDG is committed to developing and building programs and courses designed so learners, instructors, and institutions can excel. This commitment is reflected in all the services we provide.  We are passionate about meeting and exceeding the most demanding pedagogical and technological standards.

We are also believers in openness and doing things the right way: we believe strongly in our process, design frameworks, and modular approach, and we believe that the best way to make the future of education is to share these protocols through the programs we build together. We also believe in the importance in protecting your institution and instructors’ intellectual property: all the materials CDG designs and builds for your institution, including finished courses, content, and other related components, remain 100% the intellectual property of your institution forever.

The following describes just a few of the services CDG can provide your institution, your instructors, and your students. We look forward to discussing what we can do for you.

Program Design

Program design is at the core of CDG’s service catalog. We believe that the very best way to deliver a complete education to learners to move whole programs online. We collaborate with your administration and faculty to translate your existing program into an online format. We have a proven track record of creating entirely new online programs in areas as diverse as foreign languages and pharmacy, in partnership with schools.

Online and Hybrid Course Design and Development

Each course we design has all the components students and instructors need to succeed. Our design process ensures that these courses are all optimized for today’s learner. CDG works with your faculty members one-on-one to translate your already successful classroom course — or a brand new idea — into a successful distance learning course. And during this collaboration, we always take a student-centered approach, incorporating purposeful active learning into our online course designs, engaging students with the subject, the instructor, and their fellow students.

Instructor Support

Our course design process is rooted in faculty support, reflection, and evaluation. At every step in the process, we work alongside your faculty to support their needs, whether in teaching, in design, or in reflection. A course cannot be successful without the success of the instructor, and our goal is to first ensure the success of the faculty member.

Accessibility for All

Our commitment to the future of education includes making sure all types of learners — regardless of ability — can learn at their fullest capability. Every course we build is built for everyone. Every piece of content, learning activity, assessment, and all student-facing content is designed to be completely accessible to all types of learners.

Learning Content and Learning Activity Design

Our instructional designers have worked alongside instructors to design learning content for all types of situations. Whether you need simple recording of presentations, cutting-edge interactive eBooks, or simulations, we can design and build content to make sure your instructors and students meet their teaching and learning goals. In addition to our expertise in creating content, our modular approach to course design ensures we can create learning activities that align perfectly with your content, assessment, and program goals.

Faculty Development

CDG has a long history of leading successful workshops and programs for faculty. When we collaborate with your institution, we offer our expertise as workshop facilitators, instructor consultants, collaborators, and leaders. Teaching online is very different than teaching face-to-face. We offer face-to-face and online workshops to provide your faculty with the skills and knowledge they need to successfully teach online. No matter what your faculty needs to succeed, CDG can bring you the information they need. (We can also provide faculty workshops about topics such as activity-based learning, the flipped classroom, and student engagement.)

Meaningful Student Assessment

Our course design model and process focuses on ensuring students meet the learning objectives needed to succeed at the program level. We provide instructors with practical approaches to measuring student success, using a variety of assessment types and rubrics specific to the course outcomes and objectives.