We understand that the online environment requires a different approach and is unfamiliar to most instructors. Supporting instructors through the process of designing and teaching of an online class is essential to the success of your students, your faculty members, and our design process. We provide the support your faculty members need at every step along the way.

  • During the design and development phase of your program and courses, we collaborate with instructors to identify the best methods for presenting their content. We script the videos, write content in learner language, and organize the course. We will discuss our methods with the instructor at each step to ensure that we are in agreement.
  • During the first term that each course is offered, we work with the instructor, building their skills and confidence. To help the instructor adapt, we discuss use of discussion boards, blogs, journals, and other tools to support student learning and engagement. We can also offer ongoing support for continued instructor growth and for additional instructors.

The designers at CDG come from a  background of providing excellent care and support to each faculty member we work with. Although instructional design is our speciality, we never lose sight that the course is about the relationship between teachers and students. That’s why CDG provides support for faculty at every step of the way, including offering faculty workshops and one on one support meetings both during course builds and first course offerings.